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Bright smiling flower faces!

Who wouldn't fall in love with these happy pansy faces or robust happy hydrangeas?

If you're looking for a holiday gift or just want to brighten up your space, we have a plant for that!

So many cheerful pansy faces waiting to greet you in your spring garden.

Hydrangeas are just stunning! It's nice to pick out a plant you know will for last for years when planted outside. A gift that keeps on giving...

Lavenders, pinks, corals, many colors to choose from.

No time to plant? We have living lettuce bowls!

A delicious assortment of lettuces in one container. Simply harvest leaves as you need them on the outside of the plant.

It will keep enjoy a while.

Besides being beautiful, it also SMELLS lovely in here. Who doesn't love fragrant lavender or spicy rosemary? We have something for all your senses. The herbs are ready, too.

We have all kinds of plants that will lift your spirits. Everyone needs more color in their life!

Hope to see you soon....

Jerrie and Norm.

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