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Celebrating Moms!

Updated: May 5, 2021

What better way to show your appreciation of Mom than! She helped you bloom. Nurtured you. Helped you grow from an inspiration to fruition.

We've been nurturing our own little bloomers! It's amazing what a couple weeks of sunshine and care can do to make these POP with color. We're always in awe of the quick transformation from looking pretty to wow.

Click on any gallery to see larger images....first up? Our gorgeous hanging planters...


Perennials come back year after year. Planning a permanent garden? We have a lot to choose from. From silvery foliage to bright colored blossoms, hostas, herbs and'll find what you need.

Our annual selection is amazing! We pride ourselves on the selection of colors, unique varieties and specialties not found elsewhere. Filling in a space? We have something. Need shade plants? Something for full sun? If you have any questions just ask Jerrie and Norm.


After you've perused the greenhouse, be sure to stroll through the gift shop! Candles, linens, fun signs (made by a local Bolton artist) and all sorts of hand-crafted primitive wonders. From a small add-on to something that's been on a wish-list for a while, we can make smiles appear with a gift that's "just right"


Stop in and see us at 40 West Street, Bolton CT. Call if you have any questions!


Happy Mother's Day!

Jerrie and Norm

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